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Thursday, November 28th
Friday, November 29th

BSides Ottawa 2019 starts in

About the Event

Security BSides Ottawa is a grassroots-driven conference that provides an open platform for security experts, industry professionals and everyone with an interest in security to share ideas and insights and to connect with the community. Security BSides Ottawa provides an opportunity to directly connect and create trusted relationships with key members of the Ottawa security community from the municipal, federal, and private sectors.

Security BSides was born from the need to share information and create a community that would not be subject to the restrictions of traditional conferences. Security BSides gives equal opportunity to all speakers, regardless of their personal popularity. More importantly, Security BSides gives equal opportunity to potential participants regardless of their wallet size or expense account because it is 100% supported by sponsors and volunteers.

Dedicated to Cybersecurity

Join friends and peers as they share their experiences, research and thoughts on all realms of cyber security.

Workshops and Capture the Flag

Explore Internet of Things and RF technology hacking, test your mettle in casual and competitive capture the flag (CTF) and dive into OSINT!

Presentation Schedule

The schedule will be updated after the call for paper closes.
  • Day 1

  • Join us for an interesting and engaging keynote from TBA.
    Speakers Hall

  • Day 2

  • Join us for an interesting and engaging keynote from TBA.
    Speakers Hall

Our Speakers

BSides Ottawa talks are by the community, for the community, without commercial sponsorship.

The 2019 call for papers is open! If you are interested in throwing your hat into the ring then please fill out the Call for Papers form.

Join Us

Please see the registration page to secure your spot for 2019.